Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance
Premiums vary according to the Vehicle AND the regular Driver.
Insurance companies generally charge more for
younger or inexperienced drivers, or those who have a history of accidents or convictions/violations.
By Law you must have “Third Party Liability” Insurance. This does NOT pay for damage to YOUR vehicle – Only for damage to OTHER Vehicles or Property, and Death or Injury to OTHER Persons.
Now that the new Law has actually been IMPLEMENTED, all Policies will have to compensate authorised Passengers  who are killed/injured through negligence of owner/driver.
Maximum coverage must be EC$ 250,000 per person killed/injured, and EC$ 1,000,000 Maximum any one accident/event.
“Comprehensive” can be a dangerous word since different insurance companies interpret it differently.  Generally it includes Third Party Liability, Collision Damage, Fire and Theft. Natural Disaster damage is NOT automatically included. Premiums will rise with increased Insured Value but you should not insure for more than localMarket Value or you will be wasting money.  Valuations are recommended.
Excesses/Deductibles vary according to Age and Experience.
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