Lloyds Of London


Lloyd’s of London is the most famous insurance name in the world, and we are honored

to be invited to be a Lloyd’s Coverholder.

We are now among the 2500 Lloyd’s Coverholders worldwide, who are given authority to

accept certain insurances on behalf of Lloyd’s of London.

In our case we can accept HOME INSURANCE and some COMMERCIAL PROPERTY


Lloyd’s has been registered locally for many years but this is the first time anybody has

been given the authority, so we are delighted to offer LLOYD’S OF LONDON to property-

owners in addition to the approximately 8 insurance companies who accept property


Lloyd’s is offering excellent coverage at competitive rates so this may be an attractive

choice for persons asking for high-quality security at reasonable cost.

Interestingly, most of Lloyd’s Coverholders in the Caribbean are professional insurance

Brokers like ourselves, so all of us take great care to ensure that no Conflict of Interest

can arise.

To be a Lloyd’s Coverholder is a matter of great prestige and honour to us, and we

undertake to act professionally at all times!
Thanks very much for all the good work thus far.