Life Insurance

Life Insurance
From Mortgage Protection Policies to Savings and Retirement Plans, we can help you with your individual needs, or your complex Group needs for Staff or Customers.
Rates are lower for younger persons and most policies allow you to”lock-in” to the rate which applies to your starting age.
Ladies tend to live longer, so Female rates are lower than Male!
Terms Plans are like Renting; generally there’s nothing to show at the end of the Term, though some policies do give full Refund of Premiums.
Whole Life Policies run until death.  The insurance company knows that it will have to pay eventually, so rates are higher than Term.  There is a cash value which builds-up gradually.
Universal Life Plans combine Whole Life and Term, and these are good value for Savings up to retirement age.       
Endowments are excellent but expensive since the insurance company knows it has to pay not later than the end of the agreed number of years.
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